CommScope Ruckus Ethernet Switches

Flexible scalability and simplified management

CommScope Ruckus innovates across wired technologies, as well as wireless, to enable awesome customer experiences. The Ruckus ICX family of fixed form-factor switches work together to simplify network set-up and management, enhance security, minimize troubleshooting and make upgrades easy. CommScope Ruckus’ low-latency, non-blocking architecture ensures excellent throughput for the most demanding Applications.


ICX switches work seamlessly with Ruckus Wi-Fi access points, Ruckus SmartZone network controllers and Ruckus Cloud to deliver the most performance and cost effective unified wired and wireless access solutions on the market today.


Whether you’re deploying a standalone switch, a stack, or a fabric network, you’ll reap the benefits of CommScope performance, flexibility and investment protection.

The Ruckus Difference

Upgradable, flexible architecture

· Multi-purpose switches can be deployed standalone or stacked across the campus to form a distributed core/ aggregation layer


· Upgradable uplink/stacking ports from 1 GbE to 10 GbE and 40 GbE to 100 GbE

Industry leading price/performance

· Industry-leading access switches offering unprecedented capabilities


· High-performance stackable aggregation and core switches deliver more for less

Scale-out architecture reduces cost of operations

· Deploy cost effective networks with distributed core/ aggregation that outperform traditional chassis-based architecture


· Delivers the benefits of a chassis with the flexibility of stackable switches

Unique stacking capabilities simplify management

· Stack over long distances using standard Ethernet optics


· Superior scalability up to 12 switches per stack


· Aggregation and core ICX switches also support stacking for unmatched scalability

Multigigabit Ethernet enables next-generation wireless deployment

· IEEE 802.3bz standard-based multigigabit Ethernet support


· Optimizes next-generation Wi-Fi 6 and future wireless AP deployment, increasing performance while reducing costs.

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CommScope Ruckus simplifies network set-up and management, enhances security, minimizes troubleshooting, and makes upgrades easy. Talk to us and learn more on how our cost-effective Ethernet switches can deliver the most performance for the most demanding applications!

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Cut the complexity of IT

Take advantage of intuitive management tools and built-in analytics. With Aruba’s switching portfolio, you can create a modern network that: 

The Aruba Difference

A single OS for simplicity min
A single OS for simplicity

Deliver a consistent operator experience, simplify network design, and unify management by giving IT the flexibility they need to deploy the same hardware and software, from Edge access to data center. 

Automation to improve efficiency min
Automation to improve efficiency

Leverage the agility of cloud-native software, promote programmability, reduce manual tasks, and enjoy error-free configurations. Enable always-on networks — even during upgrades. 

Faster troubleshooting min
Faster troubleshooting

Get real-time, network-wide visibility with Aruba Network Analytics Engine (NAE) so you can troubleshoot and resolve issues before users and business are impacted. 

Featured Products

Access Switches min
Access Switches

Securely connect users and Wi-Fi 6 access points, power IoT devices, and find a range of performance, port counts, and modular flexibility to support all your deployments. 

Campus Core and Data Center Switches min
Campus Core and Data Center Switches

Reduce risk, improve efficiency, and ensure networks are always available with cutting-edge hardware, cloud-native operating systems, and intuitive management tools. 

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The latest Wi-Fi 6 standard bridges the performance gap from gigabit Wi-Fi to multi-gigabit Wi-Fi in support of the insatiable demand for better and faster Wi-Fi. Talk to us and learn how RUCKUS access points deliver the best wireless performance in the business through our collection of patented technologies and more!

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